“Self-defense is a state of mind. It begins with the belief that you are worth defending.”

My purpose

To help build confidence and to empower social change.

Technique Videos

Below are my three latest live demonstrations of Kung Fu basics, self-defense techniques and Kung Fu forms.

A wider variety of videos can be found on my Youtube Channel.

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These blogs consist of discussions about all aspects of Kung Fu as well as wider issues that have influenced my Kung Fu journey

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My Book

In June 2021, when the “Everyone’s Invited Movement” began to gain momentum, it caught my attention; This interest was further intensified when….

Shakti Roadshow

Assault is an immense issue. Especially in India. Having trained Kung Fu for 6 years, I set a personal mission to teach 1000+ students vital self-defense techniques in December 2022.


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