Assault is an immense issue. Especially in India. Having trained Kung Fu for 6 years, I set a personal mission to teach 1100+ students vital self-defense techniques in December 2022.

After getting to know that my close friends and family themselves have had unsettling experiences on the street, I published “Kung Fu – Everyone’s Invited: 8 Smart Self-Defence Techniques You Must Know”. I am extremely grateful that the book has already helped hundreds of people. However, I believe that in-person teaching is more effective and impactful. That’s why I launched the “Shakti Roadshow”, a project that aims to boost the confidence and power of young students in India through Kung Fu.

In addition, with the support of my network, I raised more than $3650 for “Pratham”, a charity that supports education for poor students in India.


14th December 2022
Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women (RCEW)

Worked with 115 students

16th December 2022
Rukmani Birla Modern High School

Worked with 400 students

17th December 2022
Delhi Public School, Jaipur

Worked with 120 students

20th December 2022
Rainbow School

Worked with 380 students

21st December 2022
Govt. Upper Primary School, New Hatwara, Santosh NagarJagriti

Worked with 90 students

21st December 2022
Girls Upper Primary School, JagganathpuraJagriti

Worked with 50 students

Total no. students worked with = 1155

Everyone deserves the chance to learn self-defense, no matter their upbringing or conditions. For this reason, the last two schools I decided to teach at were founded/ supported by the charity “Jagriti“.

Jagriti provides opportunities for the education of students from slum areas, for free, ensuring that they are provided with the best quality clothing, textbooks, food etc. 99% of the students in the photos above, from the last two schools, live in slum areas. Following the training sessions, I visited the slums where they live, to learn more about how they are raised and understand how much impact “Jagriti” is creating for them.

A “Jagriti” founded girls school

The following photos are of the living conditions of the girls who go to this school

The alleys within the slum

A small neighbourhood of students

The only room in their house (7 family members)

Appreciation Letters

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