“They tried to punch my stomach”

The stomach region presents an attacker with a lower probability of missing. A punch to the stomach also knocks a person’s wind out, shocking them temporarily, and causing them to drop their hands automatically. Missing a stomach punch and hitting a person’s abdomen has an even more powerful impact. 

It is essential therefore to prevent an attacker’s hand from reaching your stomach. In this scenario, you would use a ‘Gaun Sau’, meaning ‘sweeping hand’, which is a sweeping motion with your hand across the body to protect your lower body.

 Gaun Sau is ideally used as a block or cover in Wing Chun Kung Fu when an attack is coming low, especially attacks to the ribs; This includes uppercuts and low hook punches. This is another of the most essential blocks of the system as it is one of the few techniques used to protect the ribs. The area of the arm used by the practitioner is the outside of the forearm below the wrist. 

This would be performed as shown by the images below:

By the end of the movement, your arm should be in front of your legs, though at a distance from them. Your hand would not necessarily need to start from a high position as shown in the image above as long as it is able to quickly transfer into the movements required for Gaun Sau.

Make sure to practise this technique with a friendly opponent a few times to make sure you begin to train your arms to react in the right way.

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