The Orginal Defence

The final technique I will introduce you to for wrist grabs is one used when the attacker pins both your hands against you with one hand (they would tend to do this with one hand so that they still have access to their other hand and do not fully immobilise themselves) or grabs you by your elbows. The defence for this is simple. It would simply consist of the first movement from the first section of Si Nim Tau (of which a video will soon be uploaded on the youtube channel and linked here). 

This movement incorporates the user having their arms crossed over each other with their palms facing their body and their fingers facing downwards. This is vital to understand. In this position one hand will be on top of the other; In this scenario let’s presume the left arm is on top of the right. Since this movement consists of the rotation of the hands and forearms (pivoting by the elbow), by the end of the movement your arms would be higher up, the opposite arm on top and fingers pointing upwards. This is also important as if someone were to be grabbing your hands, their hand would be placed on your outer hand; If your outer hand was to move on the inside, then your opponent would no longer have control of your arms. 

When doing this, it is also important to push outwards away from your body to give yourself more room and move your opponent backwards.

I consider this technique one of the most fundamental and vital ones as it incorporates one of the first movements learnt. As simple as it may seem, it is important not to ignore one’s basics; You must try this technique a few times and note the positions of your hands and how they switch positions when you do this.

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