In June 2021, when the “Everyone’s Invited Movement” began to gain momentum, it caught my attention; This interest was further intensified when survivors began to stand up and talk about their personal experiences. I decided to ask a few of my close friends (who were girls) whether they had ever experienced anything which had made them feel uncomfortable when outside. To my surprise, each friend I asked had encountered situations of such a sort. I decided to talk about this issue with my mother and was further stunned that even she had felt the same.

I have been learning Kung Fu since the age of 11, and since then have acquired multiple simple, strategic, effective techniques which are easy to learn. The majority of these techniques would be applicable in a situation where sexual assault may occur, such as at a party. Having considered which moves defend against the most common attacks, I decided to author a book which consists of 8 simple self-defence techniques which anyone can use to help protect themselves when in public.

Proceeds from the book are going to, a mental health and suicide prevention charity.

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