Why did I start Kung Fu?

At the age of 11, a year after my family and I had moved into a new house and area, I came to the realisation that I was not involved in a co-curricular activity that I was truly interested in or invested in. After a few days of research with my parents, I discovered that there was a Kung Fu School near to where I was located. Martial arts had always been something that had caught my eyes; In fact, I had practised a bit of Judo at the ages of 8 and 9. 

But why was the idea of martial arts appealing to me? The primary reason was for the ability to be able to defend myself if ever necessary. It’s a known fact that not everyone outside has the greatest intent and that some won’t hesitate to harm another person. In fact, the crime survey for England and Wales estimates that 1.6% of adults over the age of 16 are victims of a violent crime per year. That’s around 897,600 people annually. Keep in mind that this is only taking into account “violent crimes”, but is ignoring other factors such as common assault (pushing/ slapping etc.) and sexual assaults. If the opportunity to learn how to defend yourself is available, why wouldn’t you do so?

At first, I wasn’t very capable and fluid in my techniques in classes. However, simply through practice and consistency, over time my skills and technical competence in Kung Fu increased. It is vital to keep in mind that no one ever started a martial art by being the best, nor did anyone master a move by doing it only once. Rather, it is necessary that you practice the moves in my book and Youtube videos multiple times with a partner to truly get a firm grasp on them and ingrain them into your reflexes. 

Now you can start your journey by exploring my website and beginning your Kung Fu journey.

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